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I live in Cambridge, MA, and build devices to reduce the health toll from air pollution. I've a BS in Earth and Planetary Sciences, a masters in Atmospheric Chemistry, and a PhD in Environmental Sciences and Engineering with a certificate in Energy and Environmental studies, all from Harvard. I've volunteer at the Emmett Environmental Law and Policy Clinic at Harvard Law School, helping them research the science side of their policy writing, and was co-president of the Harvard Energy Journal Club from 2012-2014. In short, I've been pretty deep in climate and energy topics for over a decade.

I'm not only an academic, however. I worked at JPMorgan in NYC for a few years before returning to my PhD, helped found a hedge fund, and run a healthcare / consumer goods startup

In my spare time, I play rugby with the Harvard Business School Rugby Football Club (HBSRFC). I  also spend my time as a resident tutor at Harvard in Mather House.


Dobosy, R, Dumas E J, Senn D L, Baker B, Sayres D S, Witinski M F, Healy C, Munster J, Anderson, J G. (2013). Calibration and Quality Assurance of an Airborne Turbulence Probe in an Aeuronautical Wind Tunnell. Journal of Atmospheric and Ocean Technology, 30, 182-196.

Welton, S, Gerrard, M, Munster, J (2013). Regulating Electricity Imports in RGGI: Towards a Legal, Workable Solution. Columbia Law School Center for Climate Change Law. White paper.

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  1. Hello, I am a student at CCU working on a project on sustainability and energy in South Carolina. This helped me understand base and peak load. Thank you so much :). Keep fighting the good fight.

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