Blue Skies

The name of my new company!

The name of my new company!

Check out my new digs at I'm building the first mobile filters that can filter all the common air pollutants that kill you.

One year ago today I said I was going to find ways to help people dying from air pollution. Sitting in academics and talking about the problem isn't enough for me. I have to help solve the problem.

Tomorrow my company is being featured on an Autodesk blog. Autodesk is a $10B company that makes Computer Assisted Design software. I'm hoping for around 10,000 page hits to follow. So, pretty much, it's now a thing.

Why did I name it Blue Skies? Cause it was named Clear Breath when we intended to launch in China first. The translateration roughly means "power and strength." Then I decided to launch in the US first. To Americans, Clear Breath sounds like a breath mint.

So. What do I have? Wait for the autodesk blog to come out to find out. Or check out my website.

But for real though. Go to my website and sign up for my mailing list. You can be one of the first 100.

I want to give a shout out to the Harvard Innovation Lab. For the most part, they've been supportive all along, and have given me a space to work and awesome training (although Neal and Yash really need to stop worrying about standard 150A air cylinders and let me bring those things into the prototyping space).

From here on out, my posts on this website are going to be less about climate change and energy, and more about whatever I want to talk about. A lot of the energy stuff will be moving to

Thanks for being with me this whole time!

- Jason Munster

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